Bobbin Lamps

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Twisting Bobbin Table Lamp
Ref Code L1
Flat Shoe Mould Table Lamp
Ref Code L3
Fat Bobbin Table Lamp
Ref Code L4
Flying Shuttle Table Lamp
Ref Code L5
Small Cone Bedside Lamp
Ref Code L6
Chimney Bobbin Lamp
Ref Code L7
English Tweed
Green and Check Lampshade
Ref Code L9
English Tweed
Blue Herring Bone Lampshade
Ref Code L10
Harris Tweed
Devon Fudge Lampshade
Ref Code L11
Harris Tweed
Orchard Fruit Lampshade
Ref Code L12
Harris Tweed Small Lampshade (various, lampshade only)
Ref Code L13
Small Bobbin
Table Lamp
Ref Code L14
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